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Lawn Maintenance
Weekly Lawn Mowing, Flowerbed Maintenance, Yard Clean Ups
Tree & Shrub Care
Keep Your Yard & Property Looking Great With Our Tree & Shrub Service
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Gutter Cleaning
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Our Services

Weekly Lawn Care

Weekly Lawn Mowing – Consists of mowing all turf areas on an average of every seven days during the main growing season. Mowing, power edging, string trimming, cleaning off sidewalks and removal of the grass clippings will be included. During the early Spring and late Fall, lawns will be checked and mowed only as needed.

Bush & Shrub Trimming

Bush & Shrub Trimming – Are your bushes and shrubs getting out of control?  Has that beautiful little bush you planted a few years ago, become an overgrown eyesore? Chances are, if you haven't noticed your neighbors have.  You'll find when All Pro Lawn Service trims your bushes and shrubs, you'll have neighbors and friends commenting on how great your lawn looks.  Give us a call at 417-840-4367 and schedule a lawn mowing & bush trimming combination service.
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